Catering to the Lindy Hop, Blues, and Balboa dance communities, the Vintage Jazz Collective brings to light rare collections of swing music straight from the jazz era. Each tour they perform hand-selected favorites from a different collection curated by a band leader of the swing era.


For 2017, our 9-piece small jazz ensemble will be debuting the collection of George Manning. Many of Manning’s charts are original arrangements that have been out of print for over 80 years!

George Manning was a Rochester-based band leader, and his vast collection of charts was donated to the Eastman School of Music a decade ago. It consists of eleven boxes of musical arrangements, direct from the largest swing music publishing companies of the swing era.


For the 2017-18 touring season, the Vintage Jazz Collective has selected the most danceable arrangements from the collection to perform for you! Hidden in this archive of early swing music, we've unearthed some gems that showcase the breadth of the musical repertoire and the evolution of swing music as we know it. 



George Manning

Striking a balance between the vintage arrangements that have not been heard in decades
and a immersive interpretation cultivated by our appreciation of dancing.  
Here's your chance to discover a new vintage favorite!
Enjoy a taste of the original recordings of music from the George Manning collection.

Danny Ziemann

Co-bandleader Danny Ziemann is a bassist, educator, and composer living in Rochester, NY. A graduate of the Eastman School of Music with a degree in Music Education and Jazz Bass Performance, he has been freelancing since the age of 16. He performs and records regularly with Gordon Webster, including on his latest album THIS and at the Snow Ball in Sweden. In September, he will be moving to Switzerland to participate in the first ever Focusyear Artist Diploma program, where he will be writing, teaching, recording, and touring Europe with a nine-piece jazz ensemble.

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Michael Sherman

Co-bandleader Michael Sherman  is a professional jazz guitarist and the Educational Media Specialist at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. An aspiring swing dancer and experienced educator, Michael has given a Library Talk with Lennart at the Herrang Dance Camp, and is dedicated to improving the relationship that dancers have with jazz music. Through his position at Eastman, Michael gained access to several rare collections of original swing era charts, and has hand-picked his favorites to perform for the dance community.  Michael is also owner and Recording Director of Mobile Audio Productions, which has allowed him to serve the role of videographer and sound engineer for music and dance festivals all around the world.

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George Manning

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